Indoor Soccer/Futsal is an exciting adaptation of the world game. It emphasises the importance of teamwork with running, passing and ball skills to provide a high energy, fast moving game. Soft or low-bounce soccer balls are used to maximise skill level whilst minimising the risk of injury.

This hugely popular sport showcases the unique skills of the outdoor game with the convenience of indoors and professional competition management. You can register your mens, ladies, junior, or mixed team to join our indoor soccer competititons or friendly games every week.

Please find the nearest indoor soccer stadium in your area, gather up your 5 a side team, and click the link below to book the venue.

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Brief History of Indoor Futsal

Juan Carlos Ceriani Gravier is largely credited for the creation of the Five-a-side Soccer known as Futsal or Indoor Soccer in 1930. The game served as a productive outlet for the youth of YMCAs based in Montevideo, Uruguay. The game was featured in youth competitions allowing them to play, showcase their skills, and build camaraderie.

The game game caught on like wildfire and spread throughout South America, but most especially Brazil. It is through this game that Brazilian soccer greats like Pele, Bebeto, Socrates, and Zico honed their footballing skills that helped them conquer the world stage.

In 1965, the very first international Futsal competition was held and won by Paraguay. Brazil took the next 6 Futsal South American Cups. In 1982, the very first World Cup for Futsal was held in Brazil’s Sao Paulo. Not surprising, Brazil took the Championship. It repeated the feat in 1985, 1989, 1992, 1996, 2008, and 2012, making it one of the most successful national Futsal teams on the planet.