Want to play indoor cricket? Start getting your own team together now for a big bash at the new 6+ Action Indoor Cricket seasons starting soon at all the below locations – click the button for more info from your nearest stadium. The new format is even more action packed than T20! Teams consist of six (6) players with an optional super-sub. Games consist of two innings of twelve (12) overs. Each player bowls 2 overs and bats for 4 overs and the innovative scoring system ensures equal participation by all players and continuous involvement. You can’t beat our Indoor Cricket stadium for a great night’s entertainment.

As in traditional cricket, the basic skills of running, hitting, fielding & throwing are the backbone of the indoor cricket game. Played on a synthetic surface incorporating a full-length pitch, fully enclosed by netting, which allows for high scoring excitement with no delays!

All the game information is displayed on the big scoreboards and all the vital stats are captured and provided with the scoresheet after the game – perfect to analyse with your teammates over a drink and a laugh in the licensed bars.

Brief History of Indoor Cricket

Indoor Cricket was developed in Perth, Western Australia, in the late 1970's. Graham Monoghan is viewed as the game's pioneer in Australia. In 1979, Hanna and Jones established Indoor Cricket Arenas (ICA), which grew to become a large franchise business. At its heyday in 1980’s, about 400,000 people played the sports every week. Originally it was intended to be a low-cost sport, suitable for cricketers and novices alike and one which could be played year-round.

Effective Monday 9 February 2009, Indoor Cricket become an important part of Cricket Australia's operations. Nowadays, there are more than hundreds Indoor Cricket centres spread throughout Australia in every State and Territory, with more than 200k active participants.


So now’s the time to take the lead and organise your indoor cricket team for a big bash competition at Action Indoor Sports! Nominate a team now at the venue nearest you!