History and the Game of Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket is fast-gaining popularity in Australia, although its parent sport – the traditional cricket – has been around for centuries. It’s a great way to showcase one’s competitive spirit or to simply display one’s unparalleled social skills and athletic abilities in a friendly game. It’s also fun to watch with the whole family. At Action Indoor Sports, we provide the best venues for every member of the family to enjoy a game of indoor cricket, cheering their family members on any one of the two teams or simply to get the kind of family entertainment that unique.

History of the Sport

The origins of the modern indoor cricket can be traced to two pairs of individuals in Perth, Australia, although the very first cricket game that was held indoors was in Germany in 1968. In the early parts of the 1970s, English cricket clubs began forming six-a-side leagues which eventually led to the first national competition sometime in March 1976.

In 1979 the entrepreneurs Michael Jones and Paul Hanna created eight-a-side games set up in indoor arenas. The efforts of Hanna and Jones eventually led to the creation of the Indoor Cricket Arenas. Not long after, hundreds of indoor cricket stadiums affiliated with the ICA have begun sprouting all over Australia.

How It Is Played

Indoor cricket is not that different from traditional cricket, except that each team comprises of six players as well as a super-sub as an option. There are twelve overs in two innings where each player gets to bat for 4 overs and bowl for 2 overs. The unique system of the game ensures that all players in each team actively participate and are continuously involved throughout the duration of the game.

Throwing or bowling, hitting or batting, fielding, and running are all essential skills of indoor cricket players. They play on a full-length pitch that is fully enclosed by netting, allowing for greater excitement and continuous fast-paced action.

Indoor Cricket Arenas

One of the most obvious advantages of playing in indoor cricket arenas especially those under the auspices of ICA and Action Indoor Sports is that you’ll get to enjoy every minute of the game without ever worrying about the weather or any other disturbance outside.

Our cricket stadiums are designed with only the latest in digital technology to make viewing a lot more engaging for the spectators. It is like you’re right in the pitch made of premium synthetic surface, mingling with the players for a more personalised experience.

And for players, the extra-large scoreboards and stats can provide the perfect excuse to have a beer or two after the game with friends. It’s a great way to stay abreast of one’s performance and how well the others are doing their share in this highly-spirited game.

At Action Indoor Sports, we value your need for showcasing your competitiveness, sense of camaraderie, and athletic abilities. Our arenas are designed not only for players like you, but also for your family and friends for a different kind of fun entertainment.