The Sport

The game of Action Soccer is a safe, clean and enjoyable sport catering for players of all standards. Derived from the outdoor game, it brings soccer indoors to encourage skill and clean play. There are open, mixed and ladies competitions which you can be a part of, either by forming your own team, or you can register as an individual and we can try and find you a team. The rules are easy to follow & the courts are surrounded by netting to encourage continuous play.

The Team

4's - Teams consist of four (4) players on the court, one of which is a goalkeeper, plus one or more substitutes if need be. No team can start a game, in any competition, with less than three (3) players.

6's (Double Court) - Teams consist of six (6) players on the court, one of which is a goalkeeper, plus one or more substitutes if need be. No team can start a game on the double court, with less than four (4) players.

The Uniforms

All teams must have matching colour shirts by the fourth competition game (goalie excepted). Same club shirts that are of a different year (with different logos for example) are accepted as same shirt. All junior players must wear shin guards as a safety precaution, senior players are advised to wear them, but it is not essential. We encourage same shirts as it does look better on the court, and it is easier for the ref to determine teams.

The Ref

The centre will provide a referee who shall control the game, and operate scoreboard. It is expected that all players respect the referee and their decisions at all times.

Game Times

The 4's game consists of two eighteen (18) minute halves or twenty (20) minute halves for 6's on the Double Court. All teams are expected to have paid their game fee and be ready to play five minutes prior to their scheduled start time. 48 hours notice must be given if forfeiting any fixtured game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit fee of your regular match fee.

Costs & Game nights

Action Soccer competitions run from Monday, Tuesday (Double Court 6's), & Thursday. (see below)
Competition nights are subject to availability, please call to discuss potential playing nights.

Season Registration 4's:

Season Registration Double Court 6's:

Open/Ladies: $70 per team (inc GST)
Open: $90 per team (inc GST)
Game Fees 4's:

Game Fees 6's:

Open/Ladies: $70 per team per game (inc GST)
Open/Ladies: $90 per team per game (inc GST)
Monday (Open)
6.30 - 10.00pm
Tuesday 6's (Open)
6.30 - 10.00pm
Thursday (Open)
6.30 - 10.00pm




For the enjoyment of all, games are to be played in a sportsmanlike manner.


At the end of the competition season there will be a finals series for the top four (4) teams in each grade. To qualify for finals, players need to have played at least four (4) games throughout the season.

Competition points

The ladder position of each team in the competition shall be determined by the accumulated points awarded, based on the results of games. Points are awarded as follows:
3 points for a win
1 point for a draw

Basic rules

At Action Sports Ringwood we encourage player safety and enjoyment at all times. These are some of the basic rules that help make the Action Soccer at Ringwood so successful.

- Free Kicks and Fouls.
A free kick will be awarded to the opposing team if a player makes contact with another in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force.
The only contact deemed legal has to be, in the referee’s opinion, incidental. Still, however, the contact must not be careless, reckless or using excessive force.

- Tackling.
There is no tackling from behind, or slide tackling whatsoever.

- Goalie’s Circle.
No player can enter the goalie’s circle (including in the air) at any time. Any attacking player offending will result in the goalie gaining possession. Any defender entering without touching the ball will incur a free kick against. Any defender entering the circle and making contact with the ball, will result in a penalty shot for the attacking team.
The goalie is not allowed to leave the circle at any stage. If leaving the circle without making contact with the ball, the attacking team will win a free kick. If the goalie leaves the circle and makes contact with the ball, a penalty shot will be awarded to the attacking team.


A substitution can only be made when:
- Your keeper has possession of the ball.
- A goal has been scored by either team.
Goalies can only be substituted when there is a goal scored by either team.
No substitutions can be made in the last three (3) minutes of either half.

A full copy of the rules can be obtained upon request and should be read and understood by all players before the start of the season.

LCD Scoreboards & Player Stat Print-outs!

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Live Score Graphics
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