The Sport

Action Indoor Netball is a safe, fast, fun filled game for people of all ages. The rules are easy to pick up, and there are competitions for both mixed and ladies, suitable for beginners right through to more advanced teams.



The Team

The mixed competitions are all 7 a side, and the exciting 5 a side for ladies. In the mixed version, there is no more than 3 males on the court and they must play in different thirds.

The Uniforms

Teams are to wear same colour shirts, bibs and all equipment are provided by the centre.

The Ump

The centre will provide umpires who shall control the game, and operate scoreboard. It is expected that all players respect the referee and their decisions at all times. Game times and timeslots are run by the central timing.

Game times

The game consists of four 8 minute quarters. All teams are expected to have paid their game fee and be ready to play five minutes prior to their scheduled start time. 48 hours notice must be given for any team wishing to forfeit any game. Failure to do so will result in a $40 forfeit fee.

Costs & Game nights

Action Netball competitions run on Tuesday & Wednesday nights.

Season Registration Fees:
Ladies: $60 per team (inc GST)
Mixed: $84 per team (inc GST)
Game Fees:
Ladies: $60 per team (inc GST)
Mixed: $84 per team (inc GST)
Tuesday (Ladies & Mixed)
6.00 - 10.00pm
Wednesday (Ladies & Mixed)
6.00 - 10.00pm
Sunday (Mixed)
5.15 - 10.00pm





For the enjoyment of all, games are to be played in a sportsmanlike manner.


At the end of the competition season there will be a finals series for the top four (4) teams in each grade. To qualify for finals, players need to have played at least four (4) games throughout the season.

Competition Points

The ladder position of each team in the competition shall be determined by the accumulated points awarded, based on the results of games. Points are awarded as follows:
4 points for a win
1 bonus point for every 10 points scored
For example, if your team won 41-24, Your team would receive 8 competition points, and the opposition would receive 2.

Basic Rules

The ball is play on off all nets, however no player can touch the nets at anytime.
You can not score using the net as a backboard.
There are no jump shots.
Centre & Wing Attacks can shoot in the attacking third outside the shooters circle worth 2 goals.
All other basic netball rules apply, over a third (slightly varied for the ladies game), obstruction, contact, stepping etc.


If you have extra players, they can substitute on the court at any of the breaks between quarters.

A full copy of the rules can be obtained upon request and should be read and understood by all players before the start of the season.