The Sport

For 25 years people have been enjoying this famous game indoors. Played on a full length pitch, incorporating a synthetic playing surface, fully enclosed by the nets allowing for high scoring and there is no rain delays. It’s fast paced fun and everyone gets to bat and bowl.

The Team

Indoor Cricket at Action Ringwood is all 6 a side. Teams can use up to 8 players fielding, but only 6 can bat & bowl, where you substitute players throughout the game in between overs by informing the umpire. There are plenty of grades running, so we’ll definitely find a standard suitable.

The Uniforms

Teams are must wear the same colour top.

The Ump

The centre will provide a umpire who shall control the game, and operate scoreboard. It is expected that all players respect the umpire and their decisions at all times.

Game Times

The game consists of one innings per team, each pair bats for 4 overs. Games usually run for roughly one hour. All teams are expected to have paid their game fee and be ready to play five minutes prior to their scheduled start time. 48 hours notice must be given if you cannot play any fixtured game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit fee as per the stadium's competition policies.

Costs & Game Times

Indoor Cricket competitions run on Monday nights, with overflow games on Tuesday nights.

Season Registration Fees:
$87 per team (inc GST)
Game Fees:
$87 per team (inc GST)
6.00 - 10.00pm




For the enjoyment of all, games are to be played in a sportsmanlike manner. Any misconduct is unacceptable.


At the end of the competition season there will be a finals series for the top four (4) teams in each grade. To qualify for finals, players need to have played at least four (4) games throughout the season.

Competition Points

The ladder position of each team in the competition shall be determined by the accumulated points awarded, based on the results of games. Points are awarded as follows:
4 points for a win
1 bonus point for each skin won (maximum 7 points per game)

Basic Rules

Each pair bats for 4 overs, and each player bowls 2 overs. Bowling overs can be in any order, however one player cannot bowl 2 overs in a row.
Bonus runs can be scored by hitting the side and back nets. A full explanation of bonus runs can be obtained from the umpire.
You do not go out at all, a wicket results in a loss of 5 runs to the team.

Jack Pot Ball

The first (1st) ball of each batting pair is considered as a jackpot ball. All scoring is worth double.
e.g. if you score a 7 the score will be worth 14. If you go out you will lose -10 runs

Power Plays

During the game each team will be entitled to use a batting and bowling power play in each innings. Teams will be able to elect an over as a power play over (except for the 1st over of each batting pair). During the power play over all scores will be worth double. Power plays are not compulsory.
e.g. if you score a 7 the score will be worth 14. If you go out you will lose -10 runs


If you have extra players, they can substitute on the court and either bat or bowl in place of another player.

A full copy of the rules can be obtained upon request and should be read and understood by all players before the start of the season.


LCD Scoreboards & Player Stat Print-outs!

Batting/Bowling Stats
Runs Per Over Stats
LCD/LED Screen Graphics
Live Scoreboards


Datascore - Cricket Player Statistics!

Action Indoor Sports Ringwood has new digital LCD scoreboards, incorporating the latest software from DATASCORE SCOREBOARDS PTY LTD which includes players statistics for every game - with each player receiving their individual print-out at the end of the game. Player stats reports show both batting and bowling statistics and graphs for each individual as well as team run rates and comparisons.