The Sport

The game that started it all and that has been enjoyed by players for 25 years. Each of the eight (8) players in a team bowl two (2) overs and bat in pairs for four (4) overs. With jackpot balls and bonus targets to hit it’s non-stop excitement for 70 action packed minutes.

Competitions are available for Mens teams of all standards – novice, social or competitive. See below for scheduling, pricing and to register a team or enquire.

Game times are on Mondays, 5.45pm - 10.30pm.


You can’t beat Indoor Cricket for a great night’s entertainment. Played on a synthetic surface incorporating a full-length pitch, fully enclosed by netting, which allows for high scoring excitement with no delays. As in traditional cricket, the basic skills of running, hitting, fielding & throwing are the backbone of the game. But an innovative format and scoring system ensures equal participation by all players and continuous involvement.


Costs & Game Times

Action Soccer 5-a-side competitions run on Monday nights.

Season Registration Fees:
$40 per team (inc GST)
Game Fees:
$13 per player (inc GST) 8 players minimum
5.45pm - 10.30pm




LCD Scoreboards & Player Stat Print-outs!

Batting/Bowling Stats
Runs Per Over Stats
LCD/LED Screen Graphics
Live Scoreboards


Datascore - Cricket Player Statistics!

Action Indoor Sports Eastern Shore has new digital LCD scoreboards, incorporating the latest software from DATASCORE SCOREBOARDS PTY LTD which includes players statistics for every game - with each player receiving their individual print-out at the end of the game. Player stats reports show both batting and bowling statistics and graphs for each individual as well as team run rates and comparisons.