The Game of Indoor Cricket

There are many advantages to playing indoor cricket than traditional cricket. And if you are going to play it at any one of the arenas of Action Indoor Sports, you’re guaranteed a more meaningful experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing or watching. Our indoor cricket arenas come with the latest innovations that make every game worthwhile.

A Look at Indoor Cricket in Australia

Cricket is a centuries-old game. The game of indoor cricket, however, has a more modern origin in Perth, Australia. Paul Hanna teamed up with Michael Jones in 1979 to establish an indoor version of traditional cricket. The duo’s intention allowed for the playing of the game even though the weather is not cooperating. This is also a good way for cricket players to stay sharp during the off-season.

The establishment of the Indoor Cricket Arenas is what kick-started the sport in Australia. Within 5 years, the number of indoor cricket arenas around the country grew from a handful to more than a hundred. Other nations that played cricket soon began integrating the game into their offseason calendar as a means of keeping their players active.

The Game of Indoor Cricket

Playing indoor cricket with friends is not different from playing traditional cricket. It involves bowling, batting, running, and fielding. These are essential skills that every member of the six-a-side team should have. Each game comes with twelve overs that are spread in two innings. Each player gets his or her turn to bowl and bat. As such, the game encourages the active participation of everyone in the team.

Indoor cricket is played in a field with a net enclosure. This net prevents the ball from going out of bounds. In a way, such a modification in the playing field allows for a fast-paced cricket action. The nets eliminate game interruptions due to balls rolling beyond the limits of the field.

Why Action Indoor Sports

In Australia, Action Indoor Sports is a name that indoor cricket players and fans trust. We provide not only venues for playing the game. What we provide is more than that. All of our indoor cricket arenas come with the latest digital technologies to help improve one’s game. There are also amenities that cater to the needs of both players and spectators.

One can consider our indoor cricket stadiums as a complete ecosystem. Everyone gets to enjoy a game of indoor cricket whether he is on the playing field or on the stands. The digital screens come with real-time information on important game stats.

For players, these pieces of information are crucial for making decisions. For spectators, the same pieces of information can help them decide whether more spectator involvement is needed to help their team. It’s a win-win situation where everyone under one roof gets immersed in the game.

Action Indoor Sports is your trustworthy provider of high-quality indoor cricket venues. Our principal motivation is seeing both players and spectators happy and contented after each game. This is what we aspire for in each of our indoor cricket arenas.

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